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Anniversary exposition 26th May 2022
Gloria Gallery Nicosia Cyprus

Group Exhibition for 45 years of Art at Gloria Gallery



Gloria Gallery celebrates its 45th anniversary with a group exhibition. The exhibition will be opened by the Honorable Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Dr. Prodromos Prodromou and the Most Theophile Bishop of Mesaoria Mr. Grigorios on Thursday 26.5.2022 at 7.30 p.m.


The main purpose of Gloria Gallery was and is the promotion of young Cypriot artists, but also the promotion of Cypriot Art and culture of our place in general. During these 45 years, Gloria Gallery has hosted over 800 exhibitions. The artists of the first generation of Cypriot painters such as Diamantis, Kanthos, Fragoulidis, and Paul Georgiou, of the second generation such as Lefteris Oikonomou, Costas Oikonomou, Christoforos Savva, Stelios Votsis, Stass Paraschos, Nikos Kourousis, Costas Argyrou, and almost all the young painters who followed them. Gloria Gallery has always been open to young artists and many of the acclaimed painters of the time made their first exhibitions at Gloria Gallery. Many well-known Greek artists such as Dimitris Geros, Manolis Haros, Theodoros Manolidis, Zizi Makri and others, as well as many important foreign artists such as the Englishmen Terry Frost and Peter de Francia, and the American Judith Brown have also exhibited their works at Gloria Gallery. Gloria Gallery has also organized exhibitions of Cypriot painters in Greece, Germany, Finland and elsewhere.


The following painters are  participating in the exhibition with their artworks: Suzan Vargas, Eugenia Vassiloudi, Johannes Van Vugt, George Gabriel, Myria Georgiou, Andreas Efesopoulos, Liza Zakharova, Doros Irakleous, Glyn Hughes, Kyriakos Theocharous, Umit Inatci, Evagoras Karageorgis, Stavros Kikas, George Kotsonis, Evangelos Konstantelos, Argyris Konstantinou, Kikos Lanitis, Arsenti Lisenkov, Eleni Nikodemou, Despina Nikolaidou, Yianna Nicolaou, Lefteris Olympios, Marion Pascali, Miro Skapoulli, Leonidas Spanos, Olga Spanou, Rinos Stefani, Christos Foukara, Mariam Souxanova - Foukara and Katerina Foukara.


The exhibition opens on Thursday 26 of May and will remain open until the 30th of June, 2022. 


 Gloria Gallery Nicosia Cyprus